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At Four-C-Tron, we proudly stand as the bridge connecting overseas manufacturers of production, process, test equipment, and materials with the dynamic industries of Solar, Semiconductor, Medical ,Cleanroom and Healthcare to facilitate seamless access to cutting-edge technologies to achieve quality and reliability in their products.

In the realm of Solar technology, we are the first in the country to bring in the Turnkey Solar cell and Module production line in mid-2000 from SPIRE corporation, USA, enabling our clients to deliver modules to international standards. Four-C-Tron gave the product idea in 1992 to M/s. Krempel, Germany to manufacture Backsheet and the company in Stuttgart is still manufacturing Backsheet.

In the semiconductor sector Four-C-Tron in association with FELCON, UK designed and installed Class 10/class100/class 1000 clean room for VLSI-II Fab (SITAR) and hooked up nearly 50 Fab equipment to the utility facility (electrical, DI water, Gas distribution and scrubbers). The design of CeNSE Fab and Si2 Microsystems was undertaken by us. We have delivered and installed Diffusion Furnaces, Wet Benches, Quartz Tube washers, Spinners, Bonders, Component Testers, Burn in Chambers and also consumables viz., Wafers, Epitaxial wafers, Chemicals, Quartz tubes to our customers.

Four-C-Tron has manufacturing facility at its own industrial shed in Malur to manufacture Wet Benches, Fumehood, VLFs, Wafer storage racks, acid storage cabinets, shoe racks etc., in PP material and other Cleanroom accessories for use in Cleanroom. We were the first to deliver transportable Class 100 Modular Cleanroom with FFUs’ for assembling precision components for Defense projects.

Our commitment extends to technical services for maintenance and repair of electronic equipments including medical and Laser-based systems and calibration. Besides, we develop training program for Engineers, Technicians & Students to address the future need of skilled work force for Semiconductor and Solar industry.