Wafer Line

Our wafer line offers a comprehensive turnkey production line for the processing of mono-crystalline silicon. This line includes steps for crystal growing, ingot cropping and slicing, as well as wafer cleaning and sorting. Our advanced technology ensures high precision and quality, making us a leader in the field.

Cell Line

We provide a complete turnkey solution for transforming mono and multi-crystalline wafers into photovoltaic (PV) cells, specializing in PERC technology. Our cell line encompasses layout planning, installation, and training. The equipment range includes diffusion furnaces/ion implantation, screen printers, firing furnaces, annealing units, plasma etchers, wet etch stations, PECVD, ellipsometers, and cell sorters. This comprehensive line is designed to optimize efficiency and output quality.

Module Line

Our module line is a complete solution for solar module production. It includes cell testers, cell stringers/tabbers, laminators, solar module testers, and laser cutters. This line is engineered to ensure the highest standards of module assembly, resulting in superior solar modules.

Cleanroom Solutions

We supply an array of high-quality materials essential for solar cell and module manufacturing. Our inventory includes wafers, cells, quartzware, acids, etchants, EVA, Tedlar, interconnects, busbars, junction boxes, and glass sheets. These materials are sourced to ensure optimal performance and longevity of solar modules.

Turnkey Cleanroom Projects

Our turnkey solutions are tailored for industries that demand the highest levels of contamination control: • Semiconductor and Solar Cell Manufacturing: We offer specialized cleanroom designs for semiconductor fabs and solar cell lines, focusing on preventing contamination that can impact product efficiency and longevity. • Modular Clean Rooms: Ideal for precision assembly in the medical, avionics, optics, and healthcare industries, our modular cleanrooms are customizable to meet specific requirements.

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